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Mini kebabs with golden rice
195 SEK
Mini kebabs (beef) with cooked vegetables and golden/yellow rice. There are various Middle Eastern dishes originally based on grilled meat, and...
Meatballs in tomato sauce
195 SEK
Oriental meatballs in tomato-sauce with peas and a side of rice. We have to warn you; these are not your typical standard Swedish meatballs. At...
Chicken breast with rice
195 SEK
Chicken breast and a fresh tomato sauce with green (string) beans with a side of rice. The sauce can typically be found in Egyptian cuisine among...
Schnitzel with couscous
170 SEK
Chicken schnitzel with sesame and sides of couscous and cooked vegetables Bulgur is a cereal food made from the groats of several different wheat...
Salmon with Couscous
190 SEK
Salmon fillet with cherry tomatoes with a side of couscous and traditional cooked vegetables that go with the couscous.
30 SEK
We offer sturdy plastics for your meal. Choosing this packages makes sure that your have everything you need.
Salads on the side
30 SEK
The following salads can be ordered (30SEK/each) Cucumber-salad Coleslaw Tahini * This can only be ordered together with a meal
Shabbat meal packages
Everybody loves a home made Shabbat meal. Therefore we will put together a typical package for you according to your preferences. The dishes...

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