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Mirri's Catering

A Perfect Blend of Oriental Food, European-Jewish food and Inspiring Ideas

2017 – Mirri’s Catering receives its official name and website. Mirri has cooked for her loved ones for over thirty years. Growing up in Tel Aviv in a family with five siblings, somebody was always hungry. Mixing flavors and making food from different cultures soon became more than just cooking for her siblings. In her youth she learned from and interacted with cuisines from newly arrived Jews (to Israel) from Europe and Arab/North African countries.

Lately, Mirri has been catering home-made kosher food in Stockholm for events, kiddush and other simchas. All baked goods offered are home-baked by hand with passion and any event is custom-made to make it the best it could be.

Miriam’s Catering is kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Mattias Amster, Stockholm, Sweden.

Kosher supervision by

Rabbi Mattias Amster, Stockholm